Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Person Who Dies With The Most Books Wins, Right?

After a week of effort -- helped along by the fact that I haven't been sleeping at all well lately and haven't been up to much in the way of more challenging or intellectual endeavors -- I now have 1,154 books cataloged on LibraryThing. Which is, erm, considerably less than half, I think, given that at some point I decided I was going to be completist about this and put in, essentially, every damned book in my house.

And, man, I have a lot of books. You'd think I'd have remembered this fact from the last time I had to pack them up and move them all, but I'm discovering it all over again. I have a lot of books. Good books, bad books, obscure books, popular books... I have books on subjects I'm not even interested in, and books on subjects I find myself being interested in all over again just by pulling the books off the shelves. And I haven't even gotten to the ones I haven't read yet, and which I've never before cataloged anywhere. That should be an enlightening endeavor.

On the admittedly slim and unlikely chance that you're finding all this stuff about indexing my library as fascinating as I am, I've added a little widget from LibraryThing to the sidebar of the blog, showing the most recent things I've added. (Scroll down past the links. It's there.) As you can see, I'm currently in the process of adding the "humor" section... Mainly because I can't quite bring myself to start on the daunting roomful of paperbacks. Eep.

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