Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm Not Dead! Here's Some Random Links To Prove It.

For those who are concerned about the state of my health, sleep, etc., I seem to be over the worst of the insomnia, but the allergies are still kicking my ass. I am, however, as tired of talking about that stuff as you probably are of hearing about it, so have some random links instead:

Medieval Help Desk: A friend of mine who works in IT sent me the link to this one, with the comment that it "just about killed [him] at work." I think I can understand why.

Paleo-Future: "A look into the future that never was." Deeply cool blog featuring visions of the future as conceived of in the past.

B-Movie Generator: This thing comes out with some titles that are downright inspirational in their awfulness. Come on, tell me you wouldn't watch MegaZombie or The Infinite Vengeance of Santa Claus.

Spiders on Drugs: I thought I'd heard about this experiment, but this video includes the parts of the story that most nature shows don't tell you. Heh.

Doctor Who icons: A co-worker of mine found these. I think they're spiffy, but I'm not terribly fond of custom icons, as I prefer it to be obvious at a glance what programs they represent. Still, they'd go awfully well with my custom Doctor Who desktop sounds...


  1. I'm not tired of reading about your allergies as misery loves company. Just FYI

  2. Aaargh. I woke up at 5 AM with probably the worst congestion and itchiness I've had yet. At this point, the magnitude of the things I'd probably be willing to do to get some relief is becoming scary. :P

    What I am gonna do is go to my doctor on Monday and demand better drugs. Steroids, whatever, I don't care. This is intolerable. Not even so much the symptoms, which are awful enough, but the lack of sleep is going to kill me.

  3. F8$kin comment system ate another one of my comments. Grrrr...

    what the hell are you taking now? I'm on Alavert, flonase and patanol...oh, and Lunesta and I'm able to sleep.

    Steroids definitely can help you but you'll prolly put on some weight because of them which is why I won't take them...yet. It's gonna have to get MUCH MUCH worse.

  4. I'm taking Allegra (or the generic equivalent, now). It seemed to help for a long while, but over the last year or two, the allergies seem to have gotten worse and worse, and it's just not cutting it any more, and especially not this spring, what with the Allergy Season from Hell.

    And, dude, if it comes down to a choice between putting on a few founds vs. regaining the ability to breathe and sleep... Well, I've still got all my "fat jeans."

  5. Zorro Conquers the Cannibals
    The Tomb of Screaming Monsters
    The Beautiful Pit of Death
    The Torture of Death
    all not coming to a theatre near you.

  6. BTW, I think I may be developing some allergies myself, you are most certainly not alone.

  7. I think I might watch Zorro conquering cannibals. :)

    And my sympathies, if you end up getting anywhere near as bad as I am. I definitely know I'm not alone, though. We're having insanely high pollen counts here in New Mexico this year, and everybody who's the least bit predisposed to allergies is suffering terribly. My boss went to the doctor yesterday looking for allergy drugs, and she said half the people in the waiting room were there for the same reason. I just read somewhere online that the juniper pollen count in Los Alamos was so high they couldn't even get a reading on it, and I don't think it's much better in this part of the state.


  8. I forgot about the folk cure for allergies I've heard of (but haven't tried). Supposedly if you eat local honey it helps a lot...not right away but in a few days. Can't hurt!

  9. Hmm, I suppose that might help desensitize you to certain pollens, much like allergy shots, although I kinda doubt it'd be as effective.

  10. The pollen her in Florida is really bad. 164 is considered high and they are running in 1000 range. That is Oak, Pine, Grass etc. Besides we are in a BIG drought. So there is little rain to wash the pollen away. I am taking Allegra, Nasonex,salt spray and an ungodly amount of tissues.

  11. It's the juniper that's going crazy here. And apparently I am extremely allergic to the goddamn juniper. I've been pretty much filling up a wastebasket with kleenex every night.