Thursday, October 12, 2006


I told myself I did not need a plush Rygel. I told myself that it was a useless and pointless thing upon which to spend money that I ought to be saving. But the longer I looked at him -- that paragon of greed for shiny things you don't actually need, that exemplar of the unashamed adoration of Rygel XVI -- the less I felt able to resist.

Stupid bad-role-model doll. Ah, well. He can hang out with my Vulcan teddy bear. That could be kind of interesting...


  1. what the hell is that thing?

  2. Hey, that doesnt tell me anything either

  3. A big YO for K-9. Saved the day again.

  4. I might have to make you watch Farscape while you're here. ;)

    And, yes, K-9 rocks!

  5. How can these people be your friend and relative and not know!!!!!!!Just kidding Jenben and Your Pop. Well I haven't watched last night's episode yet, but I'm assuming K-9 saves the day :) Looking forward to see Anthony Stewart Head and Elisabeth Sladen and K-9 too :)

  6. I know! Clearly I've done a bad job at recruitment. :)

    As for the Doctor Who, I hope you'll like the episode... I think it's one of the better ones of the season, although I admit to being biased, because I do love both ASH and K-9. And, man, Sladen looks damned good these days. It's amazing.

    You know, I wasn't a big fan of Sarah Jane when I first saw her, but she's really grown on me over the years, so I was delighted to see her back.

  7. My favourite episodes of the new series have been anything with Cybermen (4 eps) and The Idiot's Lantern.
    As for the Rygel doll, he needs a fillable bladder so you can get him to fart helium.
    Hmmm, the Rygel bath toy...

  8. Hmm, I thought "The Idiot's Lantern" was a bit weak, and that the first Cybermen 2-parter was only just OK. That final 2-parter, though, though, man, that knocked my socks off.

    And I think there's a niche market for a whole line of Rygel products.

  9. Gavin's son goes bananas for all things Dalek (even does a pretty good imitation of them too) and the Cybermen touched a chord with me, I suppose... in a way. (The Borg suck - pale imitations)
    There has been something in almost every other episode in "Series 2" that irks me a bit, something a bit weak. That didn't happen for me with the 9th Doctor, especially watching the episodes over again.
    For instance I like The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit (even wrote a horrible punk song about it) but it just felt like someone trying to bring Doom 3 to life - it even had some of the same sound effects.

  10. I suspect the Doom-ish echoes were intended as homage. :)

  11. Oh, and I wanna here this horrible punk song!

  12. It's in the head only at this point, but I'll see what i can do about fixing that. It's sung in a cockney accent and is in a similar vein to Televison Personalities "The Part Time Punks".

    We love the Satan Pit
    Wanna go an' live in it
    on the Impossible pla-a-nit
    but fink the Doctah's gunna 'ave a fit.

    No it's not crude, livin' with the Ood.
    They're pretty frood dudes
    and they do what yuh tell 'im to do
    Oh oh Doctah, don't be a prude.

  13. I came up with this without having seen the episode first.

  14. Bwahahahah! That's beautiful, in its own utterly terrible sort of way. :)

  15. Deliberately terrible