Sunday, October 29, 2006

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Does Anybody Really Care Whether I Can Post About It?

After a nice, long period of stability, it now seems like every time I try to post here, Blogger's broken in one fashion or another. I've been trying to publish that last links post since yesterday. Sigh. I really do sometimes think that the internet just hates me, but I'm sure it's entirely coincidence that this sort of thing starts happening right about the time I start thinking, "Hey, I have better net access now and will post more often!"

In other things-that-annoy-me news, I know I've ranted about this before, but what the hell: I hate daylight savings time. I hate changing on to it, I hate changing off of it, and I hate everyone who decided it would be a good idea to force the rest of us to arbitrarily mess with our clocks. I suspect them all of being evil morning people -- morning people quietly rule the world, the bastards -- and it's quite clear none of them ever did shiftwork in their lives. Dudes, my body clock gets screwed with enough without the government coming in and deliberately fucking with it twice a year. This time, I get the fun experience of having to stay up for an extra hour at the end of my tiring night shift before I can finally go to bed at a brighter, sunnier hour. Joy. At least I'm not on a schedule now where I ever have to work on Saturday nights. I've also had the fun experiences of being required to work an hour-longer shift and of trying to figure out how not to lose an hour's pay on a shorter one because I was on duty when the time changed.

Also, it seems that half the clocks I own automatically reset themselves during the shift and half of them don't. And since I don't actually know which are which, I can never be entirely sure when looking at a clock today whether it's lying to me or not.


  1. That's why I like living in Sask. Like Arizona, we don't have to change the clocks here...however everyone *else* does, so it screws up things like TV and calls to family. Nearly missed BSG ont he weekend on account of it.

  2. On behalf of all the "evil morning people", I will insist that you screwed-up night owls are responsible for the mess that is daylight savings time. By making the sun rise and set later in the summer, you make us wake up and go to work in the dark, which is not natural. Forget Republicans or Democrats; give me a candidate that will do away with this unnecessary confusion.

  3. Heh. Me, I'd be just as happy to stay on Daylight Savings all the time, but a friend of mine who's even more of a night owl than I am says she hates it, because she doesn't wake up properly until it gets dark, and it's annoying when that happens later in the day. So you can't blame all of us... :)

    Either way, I'd totally vote for anybody who'd promise to stop screwing around with the clocks...