Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Get Yer Random Links Here!

Updates on this blog have been a smidge sporadic of late, I know. Partly it's due to some problems I've been having with my internet connection, which I'm really hoping will be sorted out by this time tomorrow, and part of it's been due to a lack of time and energy, which should hopefully be less of an issue once I get off the freakin' morning shift again.

Anyway, have some random links:

Mathematics Genius: Amusing student answers to mathematical test questions.

New York Magazine profile of Stephen Colbert: I'm watching Colbert's show a lot more often now that I have the TiVo and don't actually have to remember when it's on, and I think the guy is utterly brilliant. It's not easy to pull off that particular kind of satire that well.

Official Torchwood Website: The BBC's new website for the Doctor Who spinoff series. A lot of the content's inaccessible if you live outside the UK, though, which is incredibly lame.

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