Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Dominar Has Arrived!

My plush Rygel came! And, man, he's way more cuddly than anything that looks like Rygel has any right to be.

The cats seem extremely interested in him. Of course, he loftily informed them that he was far too important to be bothered talking to them, and then when they came sniffing around him again, he inquired as to what use they were and whether they might be edible. I think possibly Vir-kitty was wondering much the same thing about him.

(Why, no, I never do plan on growing up. Why do you ask?)


  1. How come they dont make any of those good looking women of Farscape in cute cuddly dolls. Dont tell Janice I inquired.

    Word Verification: cjagn. Is that code for Janice Ragan

  2. They haven't made any of the good-looking men into cute, cuddly dolls, either. It's just a shame! :)

  3. Jenben: Wait till you are a Senior Citizen.

  4. Looking for a D'Argo doll? How about Pilot? Multiple arms, hmmmm?

  5. I would be totally unable to resist a Pilot doll. :)

    The tag on Rygel says that DRD, Scorpius and Moya plushies are "coming soon," though considering how long it took for them to get Rygel out, I'm not holding my breath.