Friday, October 20, 2006

My Triumphant Return to the Internet

I've been having really annoying problems with my wireless internet off and on since I moved. My antenna's been adjusted a couple of times, and it's seemed to help a little, but never for very long, and over the last few weeks, things had deteriorated to the point where if I wanted any kind of reliable connection at all, I had to dial in. Which sucked pretty badly, especially when you consider that, normally, I live about three-quarters of my life online. I was so cut off! *sniffle*

I was on the verge of giving up entirely and just switching to DSL (which is available in my area now, but wasn't when I first got broadband), but the folks at my ISP said to hold on and they'd see what they could do with the wireless. The problem, apparently, was that there are trees between me and the transmitter that were getting in the way. In fact, there are trees between me and every transmitter in town, and while I have a nice, clear view of the mountain, they thought I might be too far south to get a good angle on the one up there. But they tried it anyway, and lo and behold, I have signal! I have good signal: the little status indicator icon in my taskbar is green for what I think is the first time ever.

Hooray! I feel somehow complete again.

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