Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wow, I Know Somebody With A Relative Who's Made International News!

I'd heard vague references here and there around the blogsphere the last few days to an American peace protester who was being held by the authorities in Australia, having been labelled "a threat to national security," but I hadn't realized until today that the fellow in question is actually the brother of my blogging buddy JK (who, incidentally, was responsible for me starting on my own blogging career, way back when). It sucks that he's being kicked out of the country -- and I can totally understand why a lot of Australians, as well as US peace activists are seriously upset about the whole thing -- but I'm at least glad to hear that he's expected to be out of jail and back with his family soon.

And, y'know, this is a serious matter, and I know JK's been all kinds of stressed about it, so I'm trying very, very hard not to make any Simpsons jokes involving Australia "giving him The Boot." It's proving extremely difficult, though.

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