Monday, September 26, 2005

Cat Analogies

Feeding baby kittens, apparently, is like rocket science. Only in reverse. You know, with a rocket, as it uses up fuel it loses mass, so it needs less fuel to keep accelerating at the same rate. With a kitten, the more milk you feed it, the bigger it gets, and the more it needs to eat to keep growing at the same rate. You have to keep weighing them just to figure out how much formula you're supposed to mix. (Well, I suppose there's probably an equation for it, but in this case empirical methods are doubtless best.)

Vir-kitty now weighs five ounces. Which means he actually has doubled his body weight in a week, like all the kitty-literature I've been reading says he's supposed to. I wasn't quite sure I credited it, to be honest. As I've been putting it to various people, the little guy's growing like this is a B-movie and he got a big dose of radiation. I'm expecting him to be stomping down the streets of Socorro knocking over cars and eating pedestrians any day now.

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