Sunday, September 11, 2005

So Many Books...

This weekend, I reached Book #2,000 in my Big Database o' Books (wherein I enter volumes only after I finish reading them, so all those still-unread ones don't count). I feel like I ought to be celebrating this somehow, but mostly I'm just looking at my shelves going, "Wait, why do I have 2,000 books again?" The whole book-hoarding thing seemed like a wonderful idea when I started, but it seems a lot less so when you've recently had to move 'em all.

I've long since achieved my book-related life-goal, which was to have 1,000 books by the time I was 30. I actually hit that at 25. Which seems to imply a rate of 1,000 books every nine years. At this rate, I'm going to need a bigger house again right about the time this one gets paid off! (My other life-goals, by the way were to get my name in the acknowledgements of a professionally-published book, which I achieved entirely by accident a while back, even if it wasn't spelled correctly, and to appear on Jeopardy!, which I admit I have let slide. I did try to apply online a few years ago when they were having a contestant search in Denver, but my browser crashed and I couldn't tell if it went through. In any case, they never got back to me. Which may be just as well; Denver is an annoyingly long drive from here.)

Sadly, book #2,000 was in no way an exceptional volume, but rather a somewhat disappointing Doctor Who novel called Escape Velocity. Ah, well. I have a dim recollection of Book #1,000 being a Star Trek novel or something.

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