Thursday, September 22, 2005

Good News on Several Fronts

On Day Six, and the kitten now weighs more than three ounces. Meaning he's gained an entire half-ounce since Sunday! Yay! Grow kitten, grow!

On the household side of things, I finally got an engineer to come and take a look at my house. I asked the person I bought it from if she'd ever had anybody look at it. She said no, but she did have an engineer review the new house she and her husband built, and I could call him. I did, and he came out the next day! Proving, once again, that in this town it's all about knowing somebody. Or knowing somebody who knows somebody, which is usually the approach I take. Anyway, he gave it a good looking-over and assured me that the cracks weren't a structural concern, and that, while there was some subsidence, it wasn't actually all that bad. He identified a couple of reasons why the cracks might have been getting worse lately (including stresses from the installation of the new roof last year, which he says sometimes cause symptoms that don't show up right away). And he gave me some advice on simple things I can do to keep water away from my foundation. All very reassuring and helpful. Yay! Keep standing, house, keep standing!

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