Saturday, September 17, 2005

Unstuck in Time

I don't understand how the hell it got to be the middle of September already. I barely remember the last couple of weeks even happening, like I slept through them or something. Which actually isn't far from the truth: I've been having a bitch of a time switching off of nights this week, and have found myself more often than not puttering around doing not much of anything until about 4 or 5 AM and then sleeping until the afternoon. I've certainly accomplished absolutely nothing that I intended to get done, that's for sure.

Just to illustrate how much time's managed to get away from me lately: I missed a paycheck. Just completely failed to notice a payday while my check stub sat inconspicuously in the shadowy back corner of my mailbox at work, until it finally occurred to me to look at the balance in my check ledger and wonder, hey, wait a minute, why am I running out of money? It took a while to convince myself that, yes, it really had been three weeks since I wrote down the last deposit, too. And, I mean, wow, I know I'm capable of forgetting all kinds of things, but I would never, ever have guessed that payday would be one of them!

And, of course, on top of all that, autumn has somehow crept up on me while I was asleep. The trees aren't changing color here yet, but the nights are getting noticeably colder, and it doesn't feel like that should be happening yet, either. It's kind of... surreal. And, damn it, one of the things I didn't get accomplished this week was winterizing my swamp cooler. Which I'll probably pay somebody to do, actually, because I'm lazy and incompetent. And apparently not entirely out of money, after all.

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