Thursday, January 06, 2005

Updated Randomosity

Picking up (sort of) where the last post left off:

  • Well, I now have a new microwave! I had originally ordered one online, but when I realized they were telling me it wasn't going to be here until the freakin' middle of March, I cancelled the order. Hey, I can go without a microwave for a week or three, feeling all noble and proud of myself for my ability to survive without modern technological conveniences, but two months is a bit much to ask. Unfortunately, living as I do in the ass-end of nowhere, actually going out any buying something as simple as a microwave oven can be anything but simple. I first went to the hardware store/appliance store where I got my refrigerator. They had one microwave. I don't mean one style, I mean one unit. It was smaller and less powerful than my dead one and, inexplicably, they wanted about four times as much for it. Yeah. Thanks but no thanks. I next tried the crappy local excuse for a department store, which also had one whole item in stock. It wasn't exactly pretty, and they were charging about ten or twenty bucks more than I think it was probably worth, but I've never been hung up on aesthetics, and it would have cost me nearly that much in gas just to go somewhere with an actual selection. (And people wonder why so many folks in this town welcome the heralded Coming of Wal-Mart.) Anyway, so, yeah, I have a microwave. It works. I'm not thrilled with the controls, but I imagine I'll get used to them. And it is rather more powerful than my old one, which is nice, though that's also going to take some getting used to. My long-delayed fried chicken, I'm sad to say, ended up rather over-cooked.

  • Hey, Andy Hallet got series regular billing in the very next episode I watched! I don't know why that makes me feel like I've accomplished something. I mean, it's not like my fangirly complaints flew backward in time and influenced the producers of the show. But, still, it makes me happy. I like Lorne. He's such a sweetie-pie. And, speaking of Angel (which we were, in case you got lost somewhere), I'm three episodes from the end of the season now, and still very much enjoying the ride. I'll tell ya, the on-screen evidence of what you'd get if you mated the Happiness Patrol with the Borg is simultaneously one of the most appalling and one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.
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