Friday, January 07, 2005

Search Request... Someday

Hey, I always get to it eventually. Here's the latest batch:

  • artemis fowl bondage fanfiction: You know, there are really some places even my brain doesn't want to go.

  • campbell's chicken noodle soup desktop wallpaper: Because clearly we just don't get enough advertisements in our lives.

  • castrate balls vital point smash: Ouch!

  • blake's 7 "weird al" trigger happy: Hey, I have vague memories of seeing a music video somebody did for that. Pretty funny, as I recall. Dunno if it's available on the web anywhere, though.

  • "computer of the year 2004": So, who won?

  • "the year you were born" film era life:This caused me to sort of wonder what the films that came out in the year I was born might be supposed to say about my era and my life. So I popped over to IMDB to see if I could find a list of such movies, but they don't seem to have an easy way to search by release date. So perhaps I'll never know. Being, y'know, far too lazy to try looking it up anywhere else.

  • "deep space 9" "dvd cover": Alas, I have not seen the DS9 DVD covers. Despite it having been on my wish list for ages, nobody's seen fit yet to gift me with a set. *sniff* You'd think I wasn't worth a measly $700.

  • what is the meaning of stepdad: "Stepdad" is a colloquial, usually affectionate term for the husband of of one's mother, when said husband is not one's father. This definition has been brought to you by the Maximum Verbosity Dictionary Service. Thank you.

  • miniskirt in the bus mpg: I wonder if anybody was wearing it, or if it was just sitting there in the bus all by itself?

  • maximum speculations on pulling cat 5 cable: My cats pull on cables all the time. It's especially annoying when they unplug the VCR on me.

  • psychological profiles of winnie the pooh characters: Well, Eeyore's clearly depressive, and I think Tigger has Attention Deficit Disorder...

  • maximum cleavage empire dress: I was going to say that I wondered how much cleavage was "maximum" cleavage. Then I realized I'd pretty much seen the definition of that on Farscape. And Grayza's big into the whole empire thing, too.

  • All kinds of socks have vanished - plain white socks, multi colored socks, blac: It cuts off there, but I greatly fear that, were I able to see the rest of it, I would learn the horrible truth that black socks, solid-colored socks, even socks with pictures of cartoon characters on them had vanished as well. Can nothing be done? Save the socks!

  • "hard to manipulate" "personality traits": Well, if they're easy to manipulate, do they really count as personality traits? Or just, I dunno... moods?

  • grannys never too old for tricks: Ah, it's good to see elderly people who are still able to enjoy themselves on April Fool's Day.

  • neurotic pride immaturity: Neurotic Pride? Is that like Gay Pride, or Geek Pride?

  • this is the maximum number of words that you can possibly have in this insufficient box so there: I was #1 for this search on Google! Why on earth does that strike me as Really Cool?

  • paroos poetry: I don't even know what a "paroos" is, let alone have any idea why I'd be talking about one.

  • toons mating: I'm imagining an animated nature documentary now, with a voiceover by Marty Stouffer. "The majestic cartoon skunk prepares to approach a receptive female. She responds readily to his amorous demeanor and his carefully polished French accent, but, alas, the wind direction does not remain in his favor, and a desolate Pepe Le Pew will not complete the mating dance tonight..."

  • unusual finding with the star arcturus in 2002: Clearly I haven't been keeping up on the astronomical news as much as I should, because if anything interesting happened to Arcturus in 2002, I missed it.

  • Hand linguistics -Extroverts and Introvert's: I imagine extroverts are more likely to talk with their hands...

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