Thursday, January 13, 2005

Search Request Thursday

On an actual Thursday, even! Will wonders never cease?

  • buffy ubervamp fanfic: Yeah, poor ubervamp. I bet he hardly gets any stories at all.

  • playboy 5 dealy video: Does "dealy" have some off-color meaning of which I am unaware?

  • Mental effects of the Anime Addiction of Teenage: Warning: anime addiction may cause your teenagers to dye their hair strange colors or to spontaneously start speaking Japanese.

  • stories about slouch socks: Once upon a time, there was a brave little sock...

  • aeryn cunt: Hey! Don't you call Aeryn names like that! (And when did I ever actually use that word?)

  • wav sound effects nestle crunch: Is a Nestle crunch sound noticeably different from other crunching sounds?

  • PICTURES OF YOUR FRIKEN RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: I'm sure there's an x-ray of mine on file somewhere...

  • blakes lotaburger recipes: Dude, they don't have recipes. Or they didn't when I worked there. It was pretty much: shake some seasoning onto the beef patty (if you remember), slap it on the grill, and turn it when you think it's about done on that side.

  • best bad guys westerns: Because bad is good, baby!

  • futurama nearly naked: Why not entirely naked?

  • ragan blog: Hello! You've found it!

  • morticia "PLAYING CARD": She's gotta be one of the black queens...

  • the occult symbology of lemony snicket: I thought he just used, like, condiment symbology?

  • Robert A Heinlein i-robot download: Er, that's Asimov. Although I, Robot as written by Heinlein could have been... interesting.

  • towel quotes douglas adams: Hey, as long as you know where your towel's at, you don't need to remember any quotes.

  • urrrggh: Yeah, I hear ya.

  • Dr. Moreau hentai Dot: I am now having visions of a pornographic manga H.G. Wells/Animaniacs crossover, and oh my god, my brain just exploded.

  • maximum security bondage belt: Yeah, you don't want to go taking any chances with your bondage belts.

  • meyers-briggs t-shirt: So, which personality type is most likely to wear one of those?

  • fucitol pill: That's a real chemical compound. Honestly. It is.

  • porn with blood tampon and kotex: It's the fact that they have a specific brand in mind that really disturbs me.

  • pictures of men eating hard ones: Hard whats?, she asked innocently.

  • "machiavellian stuff": It is better to be feared than to be loved, and better to be googled than either.

  • free squirtting 101: Hopefully the first thing they teach you is how to spell it.

  • stovokor metal: Is that what Klingon coffins are made from?

  • pictures women parse in blue jeans: Yes, scientific studies have shown that women parse pictures 13 and a half percent better when they're wearing blue jeans.

  • vila avon rape: Things just keep getting worse and worse for those poor guys.

  • cooking instructions for Philly Cheesesteak: If you're cooking it at home, it ain't a real Philly Cheesesteak.

  • Gentlemen's Club in Barstow, CA: I think the locals drive to Vegas for that kind of thing.

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