Friday, January 21, 2005

Search Request Friday

I'm not even apologizing for not doing this on Thursday any more.

  • pictures of scary places: You mean, like my bathroom? I really ought to clean my bathroom.

  • hamman spoilers: A sporty option for this year's new model Leviathans!

  • granny 80 yar: Unless there was something that half-Romulan daughter-from-an-alternate-universe didn't tell us about, Yar was never a granny.

  • hit curb mess up alignment: Yeah, and then your tire falls off.

  • "on a tree fallen across the road" meter: Uh, it's a sonnet, if that helps.

  • riddles answers i have 2 arns but fingers none i have 2 feet but i cannot run i carry we: I bet this person was really confused when their search turned up a bunch of Farscape sites. Anybody know how the rest of this goes? I'm a bit curious about it now, if only because it sounds vaguely familiar.

  • john quixote blogger: Avatar-Stark, left with nothing to do during the game's downtime, took to keeping a daily blog in order to relieve his boredom. (Oh, help me. I kind of want to write this now...)

  • "periodic table" "vanity plate": Um, don't they usually limit you to six or seven characters?

  • pics of people going mudding and having fun: So, pics of people sitting in front of computers and smiling, then?

  • teens are ticklish on their armpits: Well, some of them are.

  • attracted intp: We've already established that I'm attracted to INTPs.

  • Farscape theme tune download zhaan: Alas, I don't think Zhaan ever got her own theme tune.

  • AVON AND NOSTROMO FAN FICTION CROSSOVER: Avon vs. Aliens! Hmm. I wonder what kind of odds we could get on that one.

  • How elvis presley messed up his life: I think Warren Zevon summed it up pretty well.

  • introverts buffy: Giles qualifies. Tara, definitely. And Jonathan. And Willow, but I don't think she's quite as much of one as the rest of them.

  • 80's cartoon quantum scientist energy robot: Ah, I sometimes miss 80's cartoons.

  • Freddy Kruger poems: And now I shall read from my newest composition: "Ode to a Psychotic Killer"...

  • pitbull spring poll pics: Does this involve looking at pictures of springing pitbulls and voting for the best ones?

  • research feline curiosity: Does it really kill cats? More investigation is clearly indicated.

  • hidden boobs under blazers with pics: Heh. I'm suddenly remembering Sam the Eagle from The Muppet Show making the shocked realization that everybody is naked under their clothes!

  • faramir boromir sneezing catch your death of cold: Alas, thermal underwear and Kleenex had yet to be invented in Middle Earth.

  • "northern exposure dvd" missing: Have you tried looking behind your entertainment center? Stuff falls back behind mine all the time.

  • "chutes and ladders" mysticism religion: I actually have a vague memory of reading somewhere that that game was originally presented as a sort of religious allegory. And if I weren't too damned lazy to google on it, I could find out if I'm right.

  • batch of fine brothas: As a hopelessly geeky and unhip white person, I'm afraid there is absolutely no comment I can make on this one that won't make me sound, um, like a hopelessly geeky and unhip white person.

  • "facts about Andromeda": Fact: for a while it had some pretty good writing. Fact: then it didn't.

  • my car is in the body shop shelley: I'm sorry. And don't call me Shelley.

  • crossover fan fiction kill bill: Because it's got a high enough body count for any two universes!

  • bull mating castrate: Not while it's actually in the process of mating, I hope. Because that would be cruel. And dangerous.

  • stairway to heaven metaphors and reactions: I strongly suspect "Stairway to Heaven" is one of those things that seems much more profound when you're stoned.
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