Sunday, January 09, 2005

Time for This Again!

Current clothes: Gray sweats. A black t-shirt that says, "I'm blogging this." (Hey, truth in advertising!) White socks. No shoes.

Current mood: Pretty good. A little distractible.

Current music: I've been doing that random shuffle thing on the mp3 player again. Let's see, most recently listened to songs, according to the current playlist: "Someday" by Over the Rhine, "Sulk" by Radiohead, "Gone" by U2, "Hail to Thee Camp Krusty" from The Simpsons' Yellow Album, something called "Fugue for Thought" by Bill McGuffie, "Pencil Neck Geek"by Freddie Blassie, The London Philharmonic version of Pink Floyd's "Breathe," and "I, Robot" by the Alan Parsons Project. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my mp3 player?

Current annoyance: I'd just gotten out of the shower a little while ago when there was a knock on my door, so I threw my jammies back onto my still-wet body and ran to answer it. It turned out to be some guy trying to sell me Dish Network. Now my nice comfy jammies are all damp. Also, I seem to have cut my ankle while I was shaving. That'll teach me to cave in to the dictates of modern female beauty standards.

Current thing: Making multiple commitments to things at once, apparently.

Current desktop picture: Still the same colliding galaxies as last month. Hmm, it's probably time I changed it.

Current song in head: Well, now it's "Breathe," 'cause I was just thinking about it. For most of yesterday it was "I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenders.

Current book: Freedom & Necessity by Steven Brust and Emma Bull. Interesting, but kind of slow. I'm rather glad I didn't get around to reading it on the plane, actually. It's not really a reading-on-the-plane kind of book.

Current video in player: I'm still copying Farscape episodes. I'm a good portion of the way through season 3 now. Hopefully it shouldn't be too much longer. I'd really like to get the tapes finished and mailed off. I just keep getting sidetracked.

Current DVD in player: The last disc of Angel season 4. I've finished all the episodes now, but I've still got a couple of the extras to watch.

Current refreshment: Nothing at the moment. Most recently, my usual morning coffee.

Current worry: After showing much improvement, my plantar fasciitis is now back and bothering me again (possibly because, once it started to get better, I stopped exercising and icing the foot), and now I'm starting to think I really am gonna need to go and get a shot for it. And, man, I hate needles.

Current thought: I can't quite decide whether I want to go read for a bit now, or watch the rest of those Angel extras. Ah, decisions, decisions...

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