Thursday, December 04, 2003

Search Request Thursday

I doubtless missed a lot of these while I was gone, but here's what I've got this week:

  • plumbers putty bomb dogs: I have no idea what that's about, but I'm quite sure that I want no part of it.

  • simpsons and satire lesson plans gulliver: This, on the other hand, I would love to be involved in, because it sounds like a hell of a fun class!

  • star trek frell term coined: Sorry. Star Trek does not get the credit for that one!

  • "wormholes" how to tell if furniture is good quality cherry wood: You know, I sometimes forget that the word "wormhole" can actually also be used for holes made by worms.

  • seinfeld cartoon porn: It wouldn't surprise me if there was some on the net somewhere.

  • malcolm x speech monolog: I think he did a lot of those.

  • "mmmm shiny" things simpsons: Mmm, Simpsons googles...

  • "Key to Time" dvd problem: I think the problem is that none of the Key to Time segments manifested as a DVD. If you're trying to fit a DVD into your Key to Time structure, it's no wonder it's not working!

  • Unforgiven "vigilante justice" -Mystic -River: I wonder how mystics and rivers were managing to confuse the issue.

  • "Vancouver" "psychic frauds": Those damned psychic frauds get everywhere.

  • watch 3d cartoon comics nude in quicktime: No thanks. It's a little chilly in my computer room at the moment to sit around watching quicktime movies in the nude.

  • movie with an allusion to catcher in the rye: I'm just impressed that somebody besides me seems to know the difference between "allusion" and "illusion"!

  • tabloid nude pics: You do realize that those are probably all fakes?

  • are marot faster than weasels: If I had a clue what a "marot" was, I might be able to answer that. But as far as I know, he was just some French poet guy. Hmm. Are French poets faster than weasels?

  • second hand hunter wellies: I dunno. I think those would be pretty high up the list of things I'd prefer to buy new.

  • will deleting the teddy bear virus ruin your computer: No. But it will make you look like an idiot.

  • farscape blake's 7 crossover: I've always said I'd like to write one, just so I could put two one-eyed maniacs in a room together and see what happens. But I almost certainly never actually will, 'cause that'd involve having to write Plot, and stuff.

  • "health and safety" computer lesson quiz ergonomics: I'd probably fail that quiz. My ergonomics suck. Even with the $900 adjustable chair I sit in at work.
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