Thursday, December 18, 2003

Search Request Thursday

Here we go again...

  • handbag "leather tag" remove: Yes, I believe you are supposed to remove those.

  • STAR TREK's BLACK ACTOR WITH DREADLOCKS: You know, I don't recall any Trek characters with dreadlocks...

  • licorice waffer: It's waffer thin! And it's licorice!

  • "betty bad" patch naked: Uh... No comment.

  • mt st helens repeat likelihood: High enough that I think I'd be uncomfortable living there...

  • Farscape jool in bondage: Well, she does kind of dress for it...

  • i sometimes feel a twinge of remorse, shen passing the old place: I have no idea what this is or what it's from, or who Shen might be... But it's kinda poetic.

  • betty friends boobs: You leave my friends' boobs out of it!

  • gollum's porn site: My precious, preciousss porrrrn!

  • t'pol "text adventure": Hopefully T'Pol's text adventure is more interesting that the dull stuff she gets up to on Enterprise.

  • pictures of wesley crusher's(wil wheaton) dick: I'll take "things I really have no desire to see" for a thousand, please, Alex.

  • "Social Commentary" "Flowers for Algernon" "charly": Yeah, I think there was some.

  • jimmy buffet person pics: Well, any picture of Jimmy Buffet would be a pic of a person, right? Unless there's something about the good Mr. Buffet that I don't know about.

  • knick knack free movie: Cheaper than buying your own knick-knacks! Just get the free movie and let it play on your TV! It's sorta like a virtual aquarium, only it's a virtual knick-knack shelf!

  • animals social campaign: Didn't George Orwell write about that?

  • "Answering machine messages" "Christopher Walken": That's one way to ensure that people are too creeped out to want to call you.

  • itching powder bondage: Now that's what I call masochistic!

  • hentai babs bunny: Apparently it's not just for Japanese characters any more...

  • pennsauken mart telephone number: Here's a thought: why don't you try the phone book?

  • christmas snow and animation shake yell: They probably wanted this thing, but the other possibilities conjured up in my mind are also amusing.

  • scorpius keyboard green purple: Somehow, I can't see Scorpius using a green and purple keyboard. He's much more of a "basic black" kind of guy.

  • campbell's chunky positioning on the product: Positioning on a can of soup could be kind of difficult, I think. You'd be far too likely to lose your balance and fall off.

  • futurama nude pics leela bender: Uh, isn't Bender always nude? Well, except when he's wearing his apron.

  • crack cocaine: Don't have any here! Sorry!

  • legolas stairs helms deep: OK, I admit, I found his Elvish snowboarding stunt a little bit cheesy...

  • eowyn nude fakes: Eowyn could completely kick your ass if she found out about this, you do realize that, right?

  • boobs celebrities large pictures gallery: I wonder if it's the boobs, the celebrities, or the pictures that are suppose to be large?

  • "Purple" "northwestern" "livejournal": Sorry. You have instead found a "blue, white and gray" "southwestern" "blog."

  • Book embosser: I've got one of those! I don't know that it really does a great job of keeping people from borrowing books and then not returning them, though.

  • "the boy who cried wolf" hoshi: Hmm, the Star Trek character I tend to associate with that story is Garak. (I love Garak!)

  • gollum website nude picture:! (Oh, god, if that turns out to be a real website, I'm going to shoot myself...)

  • livejournal vancouver nurse kate: Hello, nurse Kate from Vancouver! How's the Livejournal going?

  • boromir character assassination shirt: I thought it was Faramir whose character was assassinated? Boromir was just, well... assassinated.


  • "ba dum ba dum" dramatic music: I think this one gets my pick for favorite search request of the week.

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