Saturday, December 27, 2003

Now That Is What I Call A Crossover!

Think all your favorite comic book/sci-fi/fantasy/classic literature/etc. universes can't be made to fit together coherently? Well, you're right, but The Unified Field Crossover History of the Universe is pretty darned amusing, anyway. And, in places, kinda scary...

Some random samples:

1949: Long-lost Kryptonian generation ship exterminated by Daleks. One survivor, Kara Zor-El escapes in lifepod.
-People's Republic of China founded.
-Alien spaceship crashes near Arctic base, giving personnel a Thing or two to deal with.
-"The Five" begin toying with CIA's superhuman research.
-"Superhuman" research produces interesting side effect in the form of genetically-enhanced Great Danes, code-named "Great Doos."


2141: Few remaining descendants of Moreau's island, still unable to find acceptance, head for stars; will spend most of time hanging around the background of space bars and seedy colonies.


Four Billion: Universe has changed significantly, but some human colonists in a galaxy far, far away have retained basic human form. The energy of many dead races, meanwhile, survives as "the Force."
The slowly dying universe has changed laws of physics; there's air resistance in space, so objects moving therein make a whoosh sound as they pass, and "parsec" is now a measurement of time, not space.

(Note: The "continue" link on pg. 4 is broken, but if you go up to the URL address and replace the "4" with a "5," it'll take you to pg. 5 just fine.)

(Link via The Presurfer.)

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