Thursday, December 11, 2003

Search Request Thursday

Bet you'd thought I'd forgotten, didn't you? Here's the latest batch:

  • Babs Bunny From Tiny Toons Naked: But she's got fur! Toons are never naked if they have feathers or fur. That's how so many of them can get away with not wearing pants.

  • flying "temporary crown": Alas, they didn't give my any nitrous oxide when they put my temporary crown on, so there was no "flying" involved.

  • ray bradbury leaking in the ceiling: Wow, I thought water leaking in the ceiling was bad, but that's got to be really disconcerting!

  • neon and the periodic elements: Neon's element #10. I've idly thought about getting a personalized license plate for my own Dodge Neon that says "Atom 10" or something, just to be really geeky, but I'm pretty sure I never will.

  • hoopy, douglas addams: Douglas Adams is, indeed, a hoopy frood. However, anybody who spells his last name wrong like that is clearly someone who doesn't know where their towel's at.

  • salad manufacture hygine: I advise washing the lettuce.

  • superglue bondage: Ouch!

  • Cheapest Lego Destroyer: Hmm. How about a hammer?

  • workings of a Brita filter: Well, mainly the workings of a Brita filter consist of, uh, a filter...

  • Sentimental Boobs 01: I have nothing to say about that one, but it amuses me highly to look at it.

  • Betty Boom pics: You know, Betty Boom sounds like a much cooler character than Betty Boop.

  • trivia question for christmas for dirty minded adults: Because "Christmas" and "dirty" just go hand-in-hand, after all.

  • hitchhiker guide ford towel "what does it do": Well, mainly having a towel just makes people think you're more competent than you are, really.

  • older women: I don't think I qualify yet.

  • naked pictures of the female characters from D&D: Well, I certainly don't have naked pictures of any of my characters...

  • "natural selection" skins pulse rifle: I wonder if they meant "Natural Election," since that was the name of a Farscape episode. Not sure there were any pulse rifles featured in that one, though.

  • legolas porn pics: Ah, yes, you can tell there's a new LotR movie coming out, because the hits from people looking for naughty pictures of Legolas have gone up again.

  • funny pps: Actually, there's something intrinsically funny about the abbreviation "pps," I think.

  • itching powder prank aunts: If I paid an itching powder prank on one of my aunts, they'd probably kick my ass. Or at least my mother would.

  • Harrison Jack Schmitt and Cernan conflict: Ooh, astronaut gossip!

  • orbit gum marketing strategy: Well, if they were aiming their marketing strategies at me, they'd be playing up the Blake's 7 connection. But nobody ever actually does market anything at me.

  • OTT tarrant strip quiz: Speaking of Blake's 7 connections... Having Tarrant stripping on the show would really have been OTT, if you ask me.

  • winnie-the-pooh coffeepot: You know, maybe that's why Piglet's so high-strung. He's been hitting the java pretty hard...

  • Aldous Huxley managed to, with the use of satire, ironic allusion, and foreshadowing to: Hmm. Thank you for that cogent piece of literary analysis.

  • "broadsword and the beast" translation elvish: Oh, god, I love the thought of Jethro Tull being sung in Elvish...

  • "The Sims" rivendell door window: Somehow, I think that if you plop Rivendell down in the middle of Sim City, it's going to lose some of its natural charm.

  • cartoon pictures of irony: Well, anvils are iron...

  • simpsons porn: My mind so does not want to go there.

  • whale mpg 02 03 porn: Ah, so that's what whale songs actually are! Porn!

  • croup and vandemar quotes: My favorite: CROUP: "You can't make an omelet without..." VANDEMAR: "...killing a few people."

  • machismo cowboy frontier: Go, Marlboro Man!

  • Socorro M Mountain picture: I don't have any pictures, I don't think, but I could see it out of my front door if it wasn't dark.

  • buy online Australia giles buffy review rating commentary season mail order fans site Gingerbread: So basically, anything whatsoever to do with the episode "Gingerbread," huh?

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