Monday, April 07, 2014

Such Is The Life Of A Shiftworker.

Ugh. Today is that regular occurrence I have mentally dubbed "Transition Day." Meaning that I worked a night shift last night, but I have to be Day Person in a couple of days, so I need to shift my sleep schedule completely around. There are various different ways to deal with this sort of thing, and all of them kind of suck. What I do these days is to get off work at 8 AM and go to bed as usual, but only sleep for four or five hours: enough to function, but not nearly enough to be satisfying. Then instead of fighting the consequent state of sleep deprivation, I sort of nurse it, giving myself a very low-energy, lying-around-on-the-sofa kind of day that, hopefully, will end with a hot bath and a return to bed before midnight. It works surprisingly well, but it's never exactly fun, since it always makes for a short day that feels pretty much entirely wasted.

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