Saturday, April 05, 2014

Mmmm, More Books!

I just got back from the local Friends of the Library book sale. I probably wouldn't end up buying very much, I told myself. After all, I have to work tonight, so I'd need to sleep in, meaning I'd get there late and the good stuff would probably all be gone.

Well. I did not sleep as late as I should have. The good stuff was definitely not all gone. And I am now experiencing that peculiar mix of thrill and shame that only comes after a good book-buying binge. Well, honestly, right now it's mostly still thrill. I got books! The shame will doubtless come, however, when I count them all and take note of what it does to my TBR total.


  1. Yes, but 1) you supported a worthy cause, and 2) they were inexpensive.

    1. Both true! Also, it was a lot of fun.