Sunday, April 06, 2014

Still More Books, Yo!

Here I sit in my brief period of downtime between two 12-hour shifts, just trying to suck down enough coffee to stay awake through the night. So, not a lot to say today and not a lot of time to say it, but keeping up with the little book-related theme I seem to have going here, I thought I'd link to what has just become my new favorite YouTube channel, Thug Notes. Each video deals with a different classic book, giving a summary of the plot and some thematic analysis. All of which is delivered in gangsta speak. What really gets me is that this guy frankly does a better of teaching these books in five minutes than most of my English teachers ever managed. Here's a couple of samples:

It makes me weirdly happy to live in a world where this exists. (Just remember kids, there's no substitute for actually reading the book!)


  1. I sure would've liked our teachers to have spent that little time on symbolism!

    1. Or made it anywhere near that succinct, relatable, and interesting.