Wednesday, April 09, 2014

It's A Full Life, If A Trifle Banal.

This blogging-every-day thing is getting to be a little challenging. Because it's not like I do that much that's interesting.

Well, my itinerary for today includes a no doubt very boring meeting at work. On my day off. Sigh. But I am getting overtime for it, and I can really use the cash, so I guess I can't complain. Much.

Then tonight is cheesy British sci-fi night, an irregular and informal event in which I get together with a couple of friends and... well, you can probably figure out the rest. Having finished a run-through of Blake's 7, we're now watching The Tomorrow People (the original version), which I am honestly enjoying a lot more than I expected to. It may not exactly be a crowning achievement of television, but it can be a lot of fun to watch, in its own very 70s kind of way. Although, man, when it's bad... it's bad.

In other news, yesterday's dentist appointment went well. I bought myself some ice cream to celebrate not having any cavities.


  1. "Bad" or not, The Tomorrow People totally rocked!

    1. My friend was a little bit bummed out because she absolutely loved the show as a kid, but even in a town full of sci-fi geeks, couldn't find anybody else who'd ever really watched it. So we're rectifying that. I'm pretty sure I would have liked it way more if I'd seen it as a kid, but it's definitely entertaining me, anyway. But, holy crap, the very worst episode was just painful. (At least, I'm told that was the worst one. I'm taking it on faith for the moment. :))