Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To Quote A Sweatshirt I Happen To Own: Books & Cats. Life Is Sweet.

I realized that I hadn't posted any "cat with books" pictures of Mickey here, and I consider those kind of obligatory, so...

I ask you, what makes a better combination than cats and books? Nothing! Awww!

I'd like to be able to post an update on Mickey as well, but I don't really have one to give, alas. I still haven't gotten the results from his follow-up FIP test from a week and a half ago. My vets went and had a baby, a little bit ahead of schedule, so their office was shut for a few days. Well, a few extra days, in addition to the Christmas holiday. They're open again now, but I called yesterday and their receptionist said they'd gotten in huge piles of test results while they were gone and hadn't even had the chance to go through them yet. So they're supposed to call me back, but they haven't so far. Which is annoying, because I'd like to update the person who was interested in taking Mickey. I strongly suspect the answer is going to be that I should hold onto the kitten, anyway, due to lingering uncertainties about his long-term health, but I'd like to be able to give the guy all the information and let him make up his own mind. I'd also really like to get the official go-ahead to introduce Mickey to the other cats. But, well, under the circumstances, it's pretty much impossible not to be forgiving of the delay. They do have a pretty darned good excuse!

So, anyway, all I can say is that, for the moment, he sure still seems healthy. And cute! See how cute?


  1. I have to concede the cuteness of Mickey. :)

    No copy of "Equal Rites"?

    "My vets went and had a baby"

    So how many vets exactly went and did this? :)

  2. His cuteness is undeniable. And I have Equal Rites in hardback. :)

    Also, there are two vets, and they were both involved in the baby-making, if not both equally involved in the baby-having. :)

  3. If you have it in hardback, then that's OK. :)

    Re the vets, my hope of having caught you out has been dashed. :)

  4. I have about a shelf and a half of Pratchett in hardback, actually.

    And, really, you ought to know better. :)

  5. I'm glad he still seems ok - and he's definitely cute! I hope you hear more soon...

    (It's also always fascinating seeing other editions of books! My Pratchett paperbacks all look like your 'Moving Pictures'.)

  6. I bought that copy of Moving Pictures in Ireland, and all the rest of them in the US, so I'm not surprised by that.

  7. I did wonder whether it was something like that!