Monday, December 20, 2010

Kitten Update

So, Mickey had another vet appointment today! At this point, the vet thinks it's unlikely that he has FIP, but they're doing another blood test as a confirmation. If this one also comes up negative, that'll be pretty conclusive. However, it's still within the realm of possibility that he might have some other kind of problem that's caused the weirdness on his x-rays. Since there really isn't much to be done about any of the more serious possibilities, they recommend continuing with a wait-and-see approach and will look at him again in a month's time. So, I'll talk to Mickey's possible adopter after I get the test results back, but it's looking like he'll definitely be here at least another month. Or possibly indefinitely, if the uncertainty continues, or the guy backs out, or I just get too attached to the little critter to let him go. All three of those strike me as entirely possible.

The good news is, if the test results are negative, the vet thinks it should probably be OK to finally let him interact with the other cats. Which is something of a relief, both because it's difficult to set aside time to spend with him in his isolation room, and because he's showing definite signs of wanting to get out and explore the house. The other cats are becoming more interested in his presence, too. It's definitely time for them to get to know each other, if he's going to be here any longer.

Oh, and while he was there, the vets' daughter, also-Mickey, came in and said hello to him and gave him some cuddles. Aww. He has friends!


  1. Having just looked it up, I hope they *do* rule out FIP! Fingers crossed....

  2. Thanks! I was hoping to have the results by now, but when I called yesterday, the office was closed. Mr. and Mrs. vet have been expecting a little baby vet, and apparently it decided to come a week or so earlier than anticipated. Their answering machine message says they'll be back in business on Monday -- well, I'm assuming he will, as I hope she'll get a little more time off -- so it'll have to wait until then.