Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Kitten Update

Finally heard back from the vet, and Mickey's last test results were also negative, which means we can at least be pretty confident that he does not have FIP. This does not surprise me at all, given how well he's been doing, and it doesn't necessarily mean he might not have other issues that will give him problems later on. But it's still good news, so, yay! It also means that I now have the go-ahead to introduce him to the other cats. For this purpose, I have purchased a baby gate, which I am intending to use in the door to the spare bedroom, where Mickey has been living. Obviously, a baby gate is no real obstacle to a cat who badly wants to get across it, but considering that the four cats in question are, individually, tiny, morbidly obese, not very inclined towards jumping, and happier avoiding other cats, I think it will work very nicely, with supervision, as a way to let them make each other's acquaintance without throwing them immediately into close physical contact. We'll see how it goes.


  1. That was me Kathy sorry about the anonymous :)

  2. And here I thought I had a secret admirer. :)