Friday, December 31, 2010

A Lesson In Feline Body Language

For those not sufficiently familiar with cats, there is a definite, observable difference between different kinds of cat hisses. There's one, which is perfectly normal when introducing cats, that indicates the animal is feeling somewhat defensive/territorial/threatened/generally unhappy and is offering up a bit of a warning and engaging in some social posturing. And then there's the one that means, "AAAAAAARGH!! GO AWAY OR I SWEAR TO BAST I WILL RIP YOUR FACE OFF!!!!"

So far, I have two of the former -- well, two-and-a-half, but the kitten doesn't really seem all that bothered -- and one of the latter. Which, charmingly, is aimed both at Mickey and at me. Ah, Vir. Always my problem child.

Yeah, this could take a while...


  1. Vir is just upset because he's not the baby of the family anymore

  2. Yeah, that's probably part of it. :)