Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, Yeah, I Do Have Random Links To Post.

In the absence of anything remotely interesting from yours truly, have some links:

Dave Barry Year in Review: Bailing out of 2008: Not exactly timely now, 28 days into the new year, but still amusing.

Jennifer 8. Lee: Who was General Tso?: Amusing and oddly fascinating lecture on Chinese food in America. I must admit, I always did kind of wonder who the heck General Tso was and why he had a chicken dish named after him. And, damn it, now I'm hungry...

The Best Cat Video You'll Ever See: After this, and you'll never have to watch another humorous cat video on YouTube ever again.

The 9 Reasons Doctor Who Is a Terrible Time Lord: Funny, affectionate snark from someone who clearly knows his Who (no matter how many humor-challenged commenters seem to think otherwise)

BOOM! Studios’ Chip Mosher on Hexed, Farscape and more: An interview with BOOM!'s sales and marketing guy about various comics, including Farscape.


  1. I like the description of a Dalek as Hitler in a trash can with a gun. :)

  2. That one made me laugh out loud (and get a funny look from one of my officemates).

    It's odd that they didn't mention killing the Cybermen with gold in the newest series. Let's just hope he doesn't get caught in a battle with Cybermen and Werewolves. "Oh sh*it! Should I put gold or silver bullets in my gun?"

  3. JH: It's very apt, isn't it? :)

    Captain C: The new alternate-universe Cybermen probably don't have the gold vulnerability, doubtless because someone realized it was a bit silly.

    Funny you should mention the bullet thing, though... There's a wonderful scene in a Seventh Doctor episode where the Brigadier points out all the cool ammunition he's brought, just to be prepared. "Armor-piercing rounds. Go through a Dalek. Gold bullets for you-know-know..." The Doctor asks him if he's got any silver bullets, and he just turns around and barks, "Lieutenant! Silver bullets. Got any?" And later in the episode, when it becomes necessary, sure enough, he's got silver bullets. See, UNIT thinks of these things!

    (And this is a great example of why I love the Brigadier. :))

  4. You mean the Cybermen learned and evolved, just like the Daleks? Lord help us!

  5. They Cybermen have actually changed a lot over the years. Visually, they've changed much more than the Daleks.

    Of course, the alternate universe versions, technically, aren't in the same line of evolution.