Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First "Currently" Meme Of The New Year! How Exciting!

Current clothes: Blue jeans. My "Irreversibly Contaminated" t-shirt from Blue Blogger hoodie over that. White socks. (And, hey, speaking of Farscape... I got an e-mail a couple of days ago saying the store was at last getting ready to send me the Farscape comic I pre-ordered, but I still haven't seen one letting me know they've actually mailed it. Why, oh why, must they tease me so?!)

Current mood: Pretty good. It took four hours and half a pot of coffee, but I did finally manage to clear out the mental cobwebs left over from my strange awakening this morning.

Current music: You know, I haven't been listening to much music lately. I think the last thing was the soundtrack to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Current annoyance: There's a cat crawling around on my lap/desk/keyboard and making it difficult to type.

Current thing: Um, obsessing over TV shows, still, I guess. But I'm also blogging more! Look!

Current desktop picture: This picture of Sarah Jane Smith and her kick-ass kids.

Current book: The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil by Philip Zimbardo, creator of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment. Not exactly a fun book, but a fascinating and rather enlightening one.

Current song in head: It's "Christmas at Ground Zero" by Weird Al Yankovic, for some reason. Which is better than most of the stuff that's been looping around in my skull for the last couple of weeks, so I'll take it.

Current DVD in player: Disc one of season three of The Pretender. I'm trying to stretch this season out a bit by interspersing it with some South Park, but I find myself starting to use it as an artificial mood-elevator. "Bah, I'm feeling cranky! I know! I'll watch a Pretender episode!" It works quite well, too, I think in large part because observing fictional characters' larger-than-life pain helps make my own trivial issues seem quite cheerfully bearable.

Current refreshment: Mint-flavored tea.

Current worry: Eh, there are plenty of things I could worry about, but why bother?

Current thought: My feet are cold.


  1. The Sarah Jane pic makes me think of The Avengers.

  2. Sarah does look a tiny bit Emma Peel-esque there, doesn't she?

  3. Talking of current music, did you ever get to see the "Doctor Who Prom"? This was a promenade concert at the Royal Albert Hall that the BBC organised and filmed, of music from the series. Good fun, even if you aren't a great fan of Murray Gold's music. The presenter was Freema Agyeman, looking very elegant in a posh frock.

  4. Just read the description of the book. Interesting. I find a parallel with my work situation.

    posh frock -- you ain't from around here, is you? ;)

  5. JH: I did, yes! As I recall, someone I know had a download, and lent it to me on disc.

    Captain C: Bits of that book remind me distressingly of elementary school, to be honest.

    And don't you just love the way they talk across the pond? ;)