Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Life Is But A...

I just had the strangest experience while I was asleep. I was having some not-terribly-interesting dream about being at work, when one of the people in my dream, who'd been doing an increasingly good job of intruding himself on my attention, mentioned to me that it was, in fact, a dream. I thought he was nuts. Huh? What? Dude, I know solid reality when I feel it! But then he pointed out that every time I looked at somebody they were wearing different shoes. Whaddaya know. They were! He was right. And at this realization, of course, I woke up. (Amusingly, it was only after I woke up that I realized that the fact that one of said people appeared to be Mickey Smith from Doctor Who, and that he was wearing bowling shoes, should have been more of a tip off.)

Man. I've heard of lucid dreaming before, and I've had the experience of escaping from a nightmare by suddenly realizing that it's just a dream, but having people you're dreaming about come up and insist to you that it's not real? That's the sort of thing I thought only happened in unconvincing TV dream sequences.

Freaky. And now, damn it, I'm awake too early. And I'm going to be checking reality for inconsistencies all day.


  1. I wouldn't mind bowling with Mickey. If you ever come to 'Cruces, bring your ball and him. My treat.

  2. but having people you're dreaming about come up and insist to you that it's not real?

    If somone n what you believe to be RL ever does that, be very afraid.

    Ha! The word verification thingy has just come up with "comick". :)

  3. Questioning reality seems like the sort of thing that people I know in RL might well do, though. We've all seen way too much Star Trek.