Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Welcome To The Future. Have A Pizza.

Ever since I hooked it up to the broadband, my TiVo keeps asking me whether I want it to order a pizza for me while I'm watching. I honestly can't decide whether this is an appalling example of the way in which modern society is trying to turn us all into complete lard-ass couch potatoes -- I mean, heaven forbid we should have to put down the remote control long enough to dial a phone for our food! -- or whether it's a really cool example of clever 21st century technology.

Of course, what it really is, no doubt, is a marketing stunt on the part of Domino's. But that goes right along with both couch potato-ism and 21st century technology, I guess.


  1. Of course, that's assuming what Domino's serves is really pizza.

  2. I dont care for Dominos at all.

  3. huh. My TiVo doesn't do that. Maybe they are better mannered in ABQ ;)

  4. I'm not super-fond of Domino's, but I find it quite eatable. Then again, a pizza (or at least one with the right sort of toppings) has to be pretty darned bad before I'll turn my nose up at it completely.

    I will at least say that the TiVo is pretty polite about the pizza thing. It doesn't throw ads across whatever I'm trying to watch (unless I'm trying to watch a Domino's ad, which I never am). It's just, when I hit the pause button, I get a couple of options: continue playing, or order a pizza. :)