Saturday, February 07, 2009

February Currently

Current clothes: Dark gray sweatpants. Light brown shirt with a drawing of some books on a shelf and the words "Life is short. Read fast," which is very much my personal philosophy. White socks. Black sneakers.

Current mood: Meh. Okay, I guess.

Current music: More random-shuffle stuff on the iPod. I don't quite remember what the last thing it served up was. I think maybe some Bowie.

Current annoyance: Various minor physical complaints, including the fact that I woke up with a tiny bit of a headache this morning, although I think that's fading now.

Current thing: It seems like I have been doing pretty much nothing with my life lately, except perhaps for indulging in random bouts of vague existential angst about how I'm not doing anything with my life. I think I need a vacation.

Current desktop picture: Still Sarah Jane Smith and friends.

Current book: A Trio for Lute by R.A. MacAvoy, which is actually a trilogy in one volume, consisting of Damiano, Damiano's Lute, and Raphael, about a young musician/wizard in 14th century Italy. I'm about halfway through the second book now. The plot is kind of slight -- at least so far -- and while the main character is pretty three-dimensional, I'm not finding him quite as engaging or sympathetic as the author was probably hoping for. But it's very smoothly written and pleasantly character-based, and free of the usual cliched fantasy tropes, so I'm definitely finding it worthwhile.

Current song in head: Doesn't seem to be one at the moment. Maybe the headache chased 'em all out.

Current DVD in player: Disc 3 of season three of The Pretender, which I am watching pretty slowly. I'm still enjoying it, but it's not eating my brain nearly as much as the previous two seasons. Which is probably a good thing. Also disc one of season 8 of South Park, which is my current "watching while I'm on the treadmill" show.

Current refreshment: Water. I also woke up feeling a little dehydrated, which may help explain the headache.

Current worry: I'm worried about my house cracking in half and falling down again. I really need to get the cracks in my concrete repaired, and maybe even have the foundation shored up, if it turns out to be necessary. I keep putting it off, though. I don't actually think I'll have too much trouble paying for it, I just don't want to deal with the hassle. Sigh.

Current thought: While I was writing this, Happiness the cat, who was sitting on the windowsill next to me, started making barfing noises. Not wanting her to throw up on the window, or anything underneath the window, I grabbed her and shoved her into the tiled utility room. She then proceeded to walk all the way through that room, and the one next to it, and the dining room, and on into the kitchen, vomiting a little all along the way. To make this even more entertaining, I was in the process of cleaning my glasses when she started this and threw them down somewhere when I went to grab her. And then, of course, I couldn't find them, because I couldn't see. Somebody remind me again why the heck I have cats? (Oh, wait. While I was proofreading this, Nova came up and climbed into my lap and started purring. Yeah, OK, I guess that's the reason.)


  1. You need a vacation.

    Well, there is a shuttle going up the 18th this month. Need I say more.

  2. Oh, man, I don't think there's any way I'm making that...