Friday, September 05, 2008

September's Currentlies

Current clothes: Black sweatpants. White socks. White t-shirt that says, "The angels have the phone box." And I imagine half of you are smiling at that and half are looking puzzled, because, really, you either get that reference or you don't.

Current mood: Not bad. I've been up for, oh, about an hour and a half and am starting to feel about ready to think about the idea of the possibility of maybe starting my day.

Current music: Can't remember what I listened to last, except for a bunch of podcasts. Probably more random-shuffle stuff.

Current annoyance: My feet hurt. Not just the bunion, although that's worse than it's ever been. Most days, I have this constant, dull ache in both my feet, all over. And the tendons contract so much while I'm sleeping that for the first minute or so after I get up, I feel like I can barely hobble. Sigh. At some point in my life, I really am going to have to break down and see a podiatrist.

Current thing: Not working! I took some time off last week to de-stress and to get some stuff done around the house. And then this week, thanks to having worked long hours over the holiday weekend, I've been off since Wednesday. Man, there is no better feeling than knowing my time is entirely my own, regardless of whether I'm doing anything interesting with it or not.

Current desktop picture: This picture of a meteor trail over the California desert.

Current book: Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You by Sam Gosling. Although I'm not entirely sure I want to know what my stuff says about me. I suspect that once you get past the obvious -- I'm a huge sci-fi nerd who obsessively collects books -- anything an independent observer would conclude about me from my stuff is probably either completely misleading or mildly embarrassing. Or both.

Current song in head: Leonard Cohen's "Democracy," since I just encountered a quote from it in the course of some idle blog surfing.

Current DVD in player: Disc 2 of season 1 of Jonathan Creek, a late-90s British series about an investigative reporter and a designer of stage illusions who solve locked-room murders and other baffling mysteries. A friend suggested quite a while ago that she thought it was something I'd enjoy, and she turned out to be very, very right. Admittedly, my delight in the show doubtless has a lot to do with the fact that it stars Alan Davies, on whom I developed an utterly embarrassing crush during the course of watching umpteen episodes of QI on YouTube, and with the fact that he's playing exactly the sort of brilliant misfit I usually find adorable. But the mystery plots are good, too, as are the character dynamics and the cleverly written dialog. Also of interest to genre TV fans: the first episode features Anthony Stewart Head as a creepy magician with leather pants and a disconcerting American accent, and Colin Baker as a soon-to-be-corpse.

Current refreshment: Nothing at the moment, but I'm contemplating the concept of orange juice.

Current worry: Aargh, there's more stuff that needs to be done with the house that has me worrying about expense, hassle, and whether I even have a clue what I'm doing. Once again, it becomes abundantly clear to me that I really am not cut out to be a homeowner.

Current thought: I want my new eyeglasses. This pair is so scratched up and so permanently smeary that looking at the computer screen through them is mildly annoying.


  1. I keep meaning to give Jonathan Creek a try -- it's on the list -- since I, too, found Davies funny and endearing on QI. (And I really hope the newest season of that makes its way to YouTube as the episodes air.) I'm also enjoying him on Bob & Rose, the latest in my recent "Let's see what Russell T. Davies can do when he's writing something other than Doctor Who" phase.

  2. I do recommend Jonathan Creek, just in case it's not clear from the above. :) It's intelligent in that low-key way that British shows are sometimes still allowed be and American shows simply aren't. Davies is a lot more subdued than he is on QI, but I still find him endearing, and he gets most of the best lines.

    I'm waiting impatiently for more QI, too, by the way. I got downright sulky when I realized I was finally caught up and there wasn't any more to be had. Fortunately, as far as I can tell, it seems to have fans who are highly dedicated to making it available.

    And Bob & Rose is still on my Netflix queue somewhere.