Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Insert Your Own Stupid Pun On The Word "Eye" Here.

Just got back from an appointment with the eye doctor. Apparently my left eye got slightly less nearsighted, but the right one got slightly more astigmatic, so, in precise medical language, "it's a wash." It did seem awfully cool, after 37 years of getting steadily more myopic, to finally be going in the other direction, but when I mentioned that to the optometrist, his reply was, "Yeah, but at this rate you'd need to live another three hundred years before you'd stop needing glasses." Well, it's something to keep in mind for when I've perfected my immortality serum. But he also told me to enjoy it now, because once you hit the early 40s, it's all downhill, eye-wise. Thanks, doc.

Improved or not, my eyes didn't change enough to need new glasses, but I'm getting some anyway, because I've managed to scratch the heck out of my current pair. Plus, the only backup pair I have is from a really old prescription, and it's not like I'm capable of being a functional human being without them.

By the way, you know what's a fun trick to play on your patients if you're an eye doctor? Give them eye drops that make it really difficult for them to read, and then tell them they can have a discount on their eyewear if they write a check. Ha!


  1. I just visited the eye doctor in July. Alas new glasses. My eyes have been on a up and down rollercoaster. But new glasses with less of a prescription are wonderful.

    After writing a check for my glasses, I think the doctor could retire. Glad you liked the puns.

  2. How about Pinky's song, "Ay, ay, ay-ay. I'm flying an eye!"?

  3. I'll take it under consideration. :)