Friday, September 26, 2008

More Random Links

Hey, it's slightly less lazy than posting stupid quiz results...

O'Bannon on Returning to "Farscape": Some more news -- including some preliminary cover art! -- about the forthcoming Farscape comics, the first issue of which should be out in November. It also mentions that "novelist Keith R.A. DeCandido will be scripting O'Bannon's plots," which pleases me. DeCandido wrote the one professional Farscape novel that was actually good. Features a number of questionnaires you can take to explore your personal idea of morality while contributing to actual psychological research.

TV Tropes Wiki: An extensive, entertaining wiki devoted to exploring all manner of plot devices, character archetypes, narrative conventions, and just plain cliches from TV and other media. I don't recall if I've mentioned this site here before, but even if I have, all the time it's been sucking away from me lately surely earns it another link.

Scientific Attempt To Create Most Annoying Song Ever: Some guys took a survey asking about what people hate most in music, then created a 20 minute song that features all of it. I recommend downloading it; it's hilarious. They also created the "most wanted music" along the same lines. Now that had me about ready to gnaw my own ears off in order to escape. There's a lesson to be taken from that, probably.

Aaron Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet: Sorkin writes an imaginary conversation between Barack Obama and former President Jed Bartlet from The West Wing. Mostly, this makes me really miss The West Wing.

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