Friday, April 11, 2008

The "Talk Amongst Yourselves" Doctor Who Discussion Post

OK, as threatened promised in the post below, here's a discussion thread for the Doctor Who Christmas special. It airs on April 18th, so if you want to share your thoughts on it while I'm gone, go for it! Give me some lively discussion to come back to! Just remember, no spoilers for any later episodes, please. (And definitely no spoilers for anything past the fourth-season opener, as I won't have the chance to watch any more episodes until I get back.)


  1. Tonite`s episode was very much like "The Poseiden Adventure" Started slowly but got better and a good ending. Pigmen,Scarecrows, Ghosts and now Gold Angelic like Hosts. Whats next,Ogremen?

    Did like "Sarah Jane Adventures" Those good old Slitheens still trying to destroy the Earth.

  2. Hey there,
    I thought the same thing about the episode starting off kind of slowly but really picked up. Also, keep in mind this is Christmas Special and not actually the fourth season premier. This episode however, I really enjoyed quite a bit and thought it was rather good. Some real dramatic moments there for The Doctor, looked the speech about the reason that everyone should listen to him.

  3. I'm vaguely inclined to rank it third among the Christmas specials so far, to be honest, but I do agree that it was decent, that it got better as it went along, and that it had some really good moments.

    Pop: Classic Who has had Ogrons. Those are sort of like ogres. :)

    Also, I was leery about the Slitheen coming back for SJA, as I thought they were a bit silly, but I personally think they were actually handled better there than on Who.

  4. 2 comments on SJA was that the first episode because I missed something. 2nd, I'm sorry but I'm tired of farting aliens :) However, I did enjoy the episode.

  5. The Slitheen one was the second episode. Did they not show "Invasion of the Bane?" Because that was the first one, and, uh, seems kind of important.

  6. I'm sure they must have showed it the week before but I missed it. It's OK I certainly don't know the kids backstory but I can infer a lot of stuff.
    Anyway, I definitely was not disappointed with "Voyage of the Damned".

    Glad you had a good time in Australia.

  7. Well, if you need more of an explanation, you can always ask!

    And Australis rocked.

  8. I thought that the Hosts were too much like the angel statues from last season. I know there's a logic, "if it works, keep doing it," but they're getting repetitive with the almost-human mindless servants. Even the Pinky & the Brain writers did an episode as a parody of their own inability to come up with new schemes. (See, Betty? I had to get a P&TB reference in there somehow.)

    Did anyone else think that the blonde maid reminded them of Debbie Harry?

    What's up with the kiss? Every time someone kisses the Doctor, their brains go screwy. Let's give the Doctor a male companion again, and this won't happen as often (unless Cap'n Jack is around).

  9. Oh, I forgot to ask: was Sarah Jane Adventure not just a one-shot? I saw the Bubble Shock soda episode and figured that was the only one.

  10. but they're getting repetitive with the almost-human mindless servants.

    Well, such things have always been something of a staple of Who, really. Although I'm not sure the comparison in this case is all that strong... The statues weren't anybody's servants, to begin with.

    Every time someone kisses the Doctor, their brains go screwy.

    Somehow, this seems to me like exactly the result one ought to expect. ;)

    Oh, I forgot to ask: was Sarah Jane Adventure not just a one-shot?

    It's a whole series! Half-hour episodes, with usually two episodes per story. You've missed the one with the Slitheen, I guess. I can check and see if it'll be re-run, or even make copies for you if you're really interested.

  11. Argh! (again) I'm starting to think that I'll never get it straight between me and Sci-Fi Network and my TV schedule and my VCR. Maybe you ought to take away my trainee Whovian status. I think I'll just crawl into a corner and whimper. (When is it on, by the way?)

  12. In fairness to you, Sci Fi does not make it easy to follow their programming schedules.

    It looks like Sarah Jane is on Fridays at 6 PM, Mountain Time, with two episodes airing back-to-back. So the thing to do will be to set your VCR an hour earlier than you usually do for Who, in order to catch both shows.

    For the record, a good place to check for schedules of all kinds of genre shows is

  13. Bless you, Betty. I have reset my VCR. Now that I know SJA is a series and that it is shown as two half-hour episodes back-to-back, that explains what the two episodes of "Sar" prior to "Doctor Who" are in my TV schedule.

  14. Yep, that would be it!

    Unfortunately, if you set it to record that block tonight, I think you'll get part 2 of the last story, followed by part 1 of the next one, so it might be kind of confusing.