Friday, April 25, 2008

I Come From The Land Down Under

I am back safe and sound from Australia! And apparently the kitties did miss me. Awww.

The trip was an absolute blast. More about it later, possibly in too much detail. Certainly, there will be pictures, once I've sorted through them. Which may take a while, as I have tons and tons and tons of stuff that's piled up while I was gone, and I have been travelling since yesterday, or tomorrow, or something. I'm not actually sure, what with crossing enough timezones to technically arrive before I left, but it was a long, long, long time, and I am beyond fried.

Man, if only I could go places without all the tedious travelling. Because after the first six or seven hours on an airplane, I'm pretty much ready to confess to serial murder and high treason if it would just get them to make it stop. I have an entirely new perspective on Lost now, too... I am never going to be able to watch the first episode again without imagining that at least some of those people are standing in the burning wreckage thinking, "Hey, at least I'm not on that freaking plane any more!" I don't know why old Twilight Zone episodes and things always portray the transport to Hell as a train. If there is a transport to Hell, it's an airplane on which all the seats are coach, and every one is a middle seat. (Yeah, OK, it's a round airplane.)

But enough bitching about flying. Again: trip was awesome, more details when brain is rested. Eventually.

I've got about 166 unread e-mails in my box, by the way, so if you're expecting a reply to something, keep expecting...


  1. Glad everything went well. When can I call you?

  2. Evenings are probably good. I'm still off work for a while.