Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Believe I Shall Dump My Current Accumulation Of Random Links On You All Before I Go.

PodCastle: A new fantasy fiction podcast, from the creators of the excellent science fiction 'cast, Escape Pod, and its horror sibling Pseudopod. They've only released a couple of episodes so far, but I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Is Science Fiction Antithetical to Religion?: A number of science fiction writers are asked the question "Is science fiction antithetical to religion?" They all give more or less the same (and, in my opinion, obviously correct answer): "no," or at least "not intrinsically." But there are some interesting discussions and insights along the way, from various people with a wide variety of religious views.

Babelcolour Classic Tribute: Every Story: A glimpse at every single classic Doctor Who story, in just under five and a half minutes. Gives you a great sense of what the show is, how it's changed over the years... and how it hasn't.

"What the Frak?" Battlesatar Galactica recap: Interesting and amusing video that does a surprisingly good job at catching you up to date on the story thus far (well, the story up to just before last week's season premiere, anyway). Full of spoilers for past episodes, needless to say.

Farscape 1812 DRD Plush: For the Farscape fans: 1812 is now a plushie!! On a completely unrelated note, I would like to point out that my birthday is in July. Heh.


  1. Dare I mention that Rachel Swirsky, one of the editors of PodCastle, has appeared in past and future (yes, I've seen the future) issues of my zine, Kaleidotrope? I think I just dared.

    As a man who owns a killer rabbit stapler and a Face of Boe "action" figure, I don't think I can make fun of anyone who wants an 1812 plushie. In Must resist. Still, 1812's pretty cool.

  2. Ah, cool! I hadn't realized that.

    And 1812 would be much cooler if it played music, which I don't believe it does. Still, it's cute! And it could be friends with my current DRD. :)

  3. Com'on, you were hoping for a crighton plushie...

  4. I dunno, Ben Browder might be less cute in plushie form, really.

    Apparently there's now a Scorpius one coming out, too, which is strangely appealing.