Friday, April 11, 2008

Fetch My Ruby Slippers, Guys; I'm Off To The Land Of Oz!

Well, this is it! In about an hour, I'm off on the first leg of my journey to the far side of the Earth! It's within the realm of conceivability that you might hear from me before then, but as I'm going to be computerless and probably insanely busy trying to pack an entire continent's worth of experience into two weeks, I really wouldn't count on it. I'm sure there will be pictures when I get back, though, assuming the plane flight doesn't kill me.

Oh, and a reminder for the American Doctor Who fans: The Sarah Jane Adventures starts tonight, and new episodes of Doctor Who will be airing on Sci Fi starting with the most recent Christmas special on the 18th. I think I'll put up a discussion post in case anybody wants to talk about that while I'm gone. I mean, you guys don't need me to have interesting TV-related conversations, right?

Anyway, that's about it... I've got to go and put the trash out and stuff before I go. Catch you all on the flip side! Whatever that actually means...

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