Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Honestly, I Have Enough Real Things To Stress About.

Here is something I should keep in mind for future reference: when you drive a car home from getting the oil changed and notice after you get out that ohmigod, there's liquid dripping from somewhere!, it's good to think back and remember that giant puddle you just drove through before you start panicking.

(This is important for future reference because, sadly, driving to my house often involves going through a giant puddle. Good old Bullock Road floods every time it rains, and surprisingly often when it doesn't.)


  1. Even though I`ve had a great deal of experience with cars, I am always a bit paranoid after an oil change. Mainly because I dont do it myself anymore.

  2. I'd probably be more paranoid if I did it myself, given how amazingly good I can be at screwing up even simple mechanical stuff.

  3. Pour a little bit of baking soda on an oil spot in your driveway and give it a few days to absorb. Then sweep up the baking soda and throw it away. (This has been your "Hint from Heloise" for the day.)

  4. It wasn't oil, though. It was just water. :) (I could tell it wasn't oil, by the way, but I was worried it might be some other fluid they helpfully topped off for me and liberated from my car in the process.)

    But I'll keep that in mind for future reference, too, Heloise!