Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Perverse Animals

Just got back from the vet, where all three cats had their annual checkup and shots. Vir, who's been on diet cat food for a couple of months now, has lost less than an ounce. Happiness, who was skinny to begin with, has lost an entire pound.

Right. Starting tomorrow, Vir gets strictly-measured rations, Happiness gets canned food every day (since I know she'll eat that), Nova gets to eat only when I'm watching him to make sure Vir isn't sneaking snacks, and my life gets just that much more complicated.


  1. tell me about it. I have a skinny cat we're trying to fatten up and of course ALL the cats like the fat food. Ugh!

  2. At least Vir actually eats his diet food... But I've caught the stupid skinny cat eating it, too. Aaargh.

    But I guest that diet stuff must taste good. It ought to; it costs enough.