Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Blogging For Lazy People!: More Random Links

Teeny Little Bigfoot on Mars: Aww, teeny Martian Bigfoot is kind of cute.

Tiptoeing Through the Minefield of Movie Spoilers: Your guide to calculating how long you have to wait until whatever you want to say about that movie you're talking about no longer counts as a spoiler.

The Jim Henson Company's official Farscape page: Newly revamped and very nice looking. Contains character bios, an episode guide, images, and other cool stuff.

Hot Library Smut: Porn for bibliophiles! Completely work-safe, though, honest.

Dolphin Play Bubble Rings: Video of dolphins blowing bubble rings. Beautiful.

Doctor Who: Revolutionary Or Tool Of The Man?: The Doctor's government-toppling proclivities, charted over time and compared to the real-world political landscape. It probably means something profound.

Test Your Tiredness: A reaction time test that's supposed to gauge how tired you are. It told me I "seem pretty awake," even though I really didn't feel like it at the time.

Who has the time?: A replica of the fob watch from Doctor Who's "Human Nature"/"The Family of Blood," now for sale. Want, want, want!


  1. It is a "Marsquatch"

    The Library pictures are great

    I like my birthday pocketwatch better. Although I wouldn`t turn down that fobwatch.

  2. I'm suddenly in the mood for a trip to Brazil.

    Did you notice how shiny the floor is in the Trinity Library? Methinks the Master would find that an excellent place to lurk.