Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's Currently Time For...

Current clothes: White t-shirt with a picture of Brak from Space Ghost. (All hail Brak!) Blue long-sleeve shirt over that, unbuttoned. Blue jeans. White socks. White belt. Black sneakers.

Current mood: OK. A little rushed. I have to go to work soon.

Current music: It was more random-shuffle stuff last night. I remember some more REO Speedwagon. Also some Tenacious D.

Current annoyance: I had yet another dentist appointment last week to get yet another filling replaced, and once the hours-long numbness wore off, I started noticing a little sensitivity in the tooth they'd just worked on. Nothing too horrible, but if I drank a cold beverage and held it around the tooth, or sucked cold air past it, I could feel some very mild discomfort. For days, I tried hoping that if I ignored it, it would go away, but it didn't. So, of course, this afternoon when I'd pretty much made up my mind to call the dentist and get an appointment to have it looked at, it suddenly seems to have stopped. Now I don't know what to do. Stupid teeth. I swear, they're my least favorite body part.

Current thing: Lately, I've been feeling a strong desire just to hole up somewhere with a supply of hot cocoa and a stack of books as long as my arm and not come out for a week, minimum. That's really all I want to do right now: sip hot beverages and read and let the world go by without me.

Current desktop picture: A picture of a snow-dusted TARDIS with a wreath on the door that I got from the BBC's Doctor Who site a couple of Christmases ago. It's doubtless time to change it, though. After all, I've taken down the other Christmas decorations. All two of them.

Current book: Mainspring by Jay Lake. I've only just started it, but it's pretty cool so far.

Current song in head: It seems to be Warren Zevon's "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead," because I was just thinking that I want to read the Zevon biography of the same title that my sister got me for Christmas sometime soon.

Current DVD in player: Most recently, Man of the Year. Which was watchable, but not great. It didn't seem at all sure whether it wanted to be a comedy or a drama or a romance, or what, and it was trying more than a little too hard to go for the feel-good vibes by the end. So, basically, a Robin Williams movie. Oh, and in the other player: the second disc of Lost in Time: The Troughton Years, a collection that features the surviving episodes of Doctor Who stories that were partially burned by the BBC. Man, when I get my time machine, my second stop after the Library of Alexandria is going to be the BBC video vaults.

Current refreshment: Lemon-ginger green tea.

Current worry: Will I finish this and get it posted before I have to go dashing off to work?

Current thought: I kind of have to pee.


  1. You have a Brak shirt?
    So jealous.
    I'm currently trying to find a Moltar action figure for my husband to take to work when he works in the TV control room...
    "standing in the control room, waiting for the break, waiting for the break..."
    Just for wierd info purposes...my husband has the same desktop.

  2. I actually wanted a Zorak one, but he wasn't available, alas, so I settled for Brak.

    And I imagine a lot of people have been using that particular desktop in the last month or so. It pops back up on my computer around this time of year pretty regularly. :)