Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Song Inside My Head

I've been watching Heroes and enjoying it a lot, but there's one thing about it that is driving me absolutely crazy. Every time Christopher Eccleston's character comes on the screen, or even any time I think about him, I get Freddie Mercury singing in my head:

I'm the invisible man
I'm the invisible man
Incredible how you can
See right through me!

Stupid Queen's Greatest Hits album.

And while watching the most recent episode of Battlestar Galactica, which features a character called Dr. Roberts, I kept finding it nearly impossible to pay attention because of the immensely distracting Beatles performance inside my brain:

You're a new and better man,
He helps you to understand,
He does everything he can: Dr. Robert(s)

I really, really wish I knew how to get that sort of thing to shut off.

(Note: I still haven't seen Monday's episode of Heroes, by the way, so no spoilers, please!)


  1. Chris eccleston was on heroes?

  2. He is now. He's a regular, or a semi-regular, or something.

  3. Yeah, that has made me interested in checking it out.

  4. It's a good show, even before he shows up. (Or fails to show up, I suppose, being as he's invisible and all. :))