Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Random Links Strike Back

Burning a Candle at Both Ends: What happens when you burn a candle at both ends? Visual proof that physics is really cool.

Handmade Star Wars: The Death Star battle, re-enacted by, uh, hands.

The Face Transformer: Upload a picture of your (or someone else's) face, and see it rendered into a variety of styles.

KOMPSAT-2 image of VLA telescope: Terrific picture of the VLA taken from space.

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: A 50-minute interview with Richard Feynman, filmed, I think, in 1981. Illustrates beautifully just why this guy is one of my personal all-time heroes.


  1. I was surprised. The candle experiment really is cool.

    I can't get that Face Transformer to work in either of my two browsers, though.

  2. Hmm. I haven't actually tried the Face Transformer, myself, but I've seen people get it to work on Firefox, at least.

  3. What a great battle scene. I wonder how it would look with feet.

  4. Wow-the candle experiment had me on the edge of my seat...amazing!