Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Have Gone Round The Bend Far Enough That I've Started Talking To TV Shows

Oh, Heroes, how very glad I am that I stuck with you. Who knew you were going to get this good?

And I was right, you are totally making Lost look bad, in terms of the, y'know, actual plot progression and the general sense of the writers having a clue where they're going. Not to mention your ability to establish more characterization with one set of flashbacks than Lost has done with entire seasons' worth.

You are now totally my favorite current American TV show. Just don't go screwing it up, now, 'kay?


  1. They're very different shows, so I think it's unfair to judge one against the other, but it is clear that Heroes has learned from some of Lost's mistakes, or maybe just decided to plot its stories differently to avoid making them itself.

    That said, I've seen some really good things about last night's episode -- in a "No! No! Must look away! Must not read! Still two episodes behind!" sort of way. Then again, I've also seen a lot of negative comments about last week's Lost episode, and I kind of liked it.

  2. It may be unfair to make too many comparisons, but I can certainly compare my own entertainment value and satisfaction levels, and on those lines, while I still think Lost is worth watching, Heroes wins hands down. And I do think it's taking what it ultimately a more effective approach to storytelling. And it really is just getting better and better as it goes on.

    My biggest problem with Lost recently, I must admit, is that it's devoting most of its episodes to just three characters, two of whom I actively dislike.

  3. *laughs ominously*
    You're just now talking to the TV? I've been doing that for years. Welcome to the dark side.

  4. I've been talking to it for ages, really, but not usually in written form. :)

  5. For pure enjoyment factor, at this point, yes. BSG has been very uneven this season, and I while I still find it interesting, of late it's mostly in this detached, intellectual sort of way. "Ah, yes, I see what the writers were doing here... interesting." Whereas Heroes occasionally has me leaning forward in my seat going, "WHOA, DUDE!"

  6. I am a firm believer in the 13 episode season cap. Makes for tighter writing all the way around, though I still like the Eccleston season of Who better than the Tennant season. (and what I have s Torchwood on YouTube hasn't inspired me)
    BSG season one and Canadian shows like Da Vinci's Inquest and Intelligence are all very tight and well executed. The only people who benefit from a 22-24 episode seaon are the networks and their advertising overlords.

  7. I'm inclined to agree with you there. The usual 13-ep British seasons (excuse me, "series" :) seem awfully short to me, given how used I am to American seasons, but they do tend feature tighter story arcs and fewer filler episodes, I think. US networks' insistence on 22-24 is what leads to things like clips shows, which are an abomination upon the face of the Earth.

    Personally, btw, I think the Eccleston season was better overall, but that Tennant's run so far, while hugely uneven, has featured some of the show's best single episodes. As for Torchwood... It's got potential, but it's not really living up to it, IMHO.