Saturday, May 13, 2006


I hold in my hand two letters from my mortgage company. One is dated April 6 and says, "Our records indicate that the flood insurance coverage for your property has been updated and now provides the flood coverage required for your loan." Because after they complained to me that it needed to be raised, and after I went to the insurance agent and had her do it, and after she assured me that she would send proof of this to my mortgage company, I also wrote them a letter, just to be absolutely double-dog certain they'd gotten it and to be reassured of this fact by them personally.

The second letter is dated May 8 and says, in with a lot of other bureaucratese: "Our records indicate that we have not received evidence of adequate flood insurance for your property[...] Therefore, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has secured additional temporary flood insurance..." With a notice to tell me exactly how much they're charging me for this coverage they've told me I don't need. Aaargh! And, of course, I always get goddamn notices like this a) on a Saturday and b) when I'm on night shift, meaning that despite the fact that the impatient part of my brain (which is getting more and more dominant the older I get) is jumping up and down screaming "Aaargh, FIX THIS NOW!", I cannot fix it now and, moreover, will end up having to talk to them at some time when I'm half-asleep.

I hate bureaucracy. I hate paperwork. I hate financial shit, and I hate dealing with corporations. I want to be a hermit and live in a cave. A cave with no flood insurance.

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