Sunday, May 28, 2006

This Is My Social Life.

Honestly, it's not really my intention to do a Doctor Who marathon every weekend. But it does seem to be working out that way...


  1. I just couldn't make it through all of the 1st Doctor episodes, Daleks or no Daleks.

    Which of the Dalek eps did you recommend -- Remembrance? I'm not sure which to rent next from Netflix.

  2. Thanx for changing. I did not like either.

  3. Fred: Well, I can't entirely blame you. Those early episodes can really drag, especially if you try to watch them all at once, instead of in half-hour chunks the way they were originally broadcast. And as for the production values... Well, they were doing the best they could at the time, I suppose. :)

    "Remembrance" is a good episode. (Or at least, I quite like it. Others' opinions may vary.) If you did watch some or all of "An Unearthly Child," you'll notice some interesting callbacks to that, too.

    The all-time best of the Dalek episodes is "Genesis of the Daleks," though I don't know if that's available on DVD yet in the US. It was only just released in the UK within the last month or so. Come to think of it, "Remembrance" probably works a bit better if you've seen "Genesis" first. "Remembrance" is likely to be a somewhat odd introduction to the character of Davros.

    Dad: Yeah, I don't think there was anybody who did like it. It just generally sucked.

  4. I didn't see "An Unearthly Child." I thought it would be included on "Disc 1" from Netflix, but apparently not. They've recently made available a "Disc 3" with the episode. (Of course, it's now showing a Very Long Wait.)

    "Genesis of the Daleks" releases on June 6. So I've put that at the top of the queue. I'd also like to finish watching "The Face of Evil" eventually.

    Keep in mind, my original introductions to Doctor Who were the American TV movie and "The Five Doctors." So it's not as if I'm not used to being confused.

  5. Heh. Yeah, if those were your introductions and you weren't turned off, I'd say you're probably fine, wherever you come in. :)